It is Hosmer's privilege to be a company with such a rich history of innovation. In the early 1900s our founder D.W. Dorrance lost his arm in an industrial accident. By 1912 he designed the first split hook and began manufacturing them full-time in San Jose, California. These sturdy, practical terminal devices were revolutionary in their ability to grip and manipulate objects and they remain the industry standard to this day. In the 1940s Dr. A.J. Hosmer developed a line of wrist and elbow components that was later added to the

Dorrance line when the two companies merged in 1952. In the early 1980s Hosmer engineered electronic terminal devices such as the NY Electric Elbow and other myoelectrically operated products. In the 1990s and 2000s Hosmer continued to expand its lower extremity component line and broke ground with several hydraulic knee units. Now Hosmer is introducing the Raize, a microprocessor ankle/foot system with amazing comfort and stability. Hosmer is proud to continue the tradition of improving the lives of others for the next 100 years.

The future of Hosmer is bright

Raize Microprocessor Foot

As Hosmer moves into its next 100 years, we are proud to introduce the Raize ankle/foot system. This microprocessor controlled device constantly monitors changing terrain conditions to provide unparalleled stability. For even more control, the Raize is easily adjustable from the remote fob to accommodate different heel heights and flexion resistance. The Raize is a prime example of the latest technologies that Hosmer utilizes to continue to improve lives today. The future of Hosmer is bright.

Raize Microprocessor Foot Close-Up